Great friends, musicians with virtuosity and very clear techniques, and with great desire to bring Brazilian music to all parts of Brazil and the world”. This is how we define these two Nordestinos, genuinely influenced by forró.

They bring a lot of energy and vibrancy to the stage with the delicious mix of regional music added to the refined category of jazz.

Two musicians that commonly mark their presence on big stages, with participation in national and international festivals.


Throughout his career, Mestrinho had the honor of sharing the stage with renowned artists such as Hermeto Pascoal, Rosa Passos, Elza Soares, Zeca Baleiro, Thiago Espirito Santo, among others. He followed Dominguinhos in several concerts around Brazil, Including in his last presentation and worked with Elba Ramalho for three years, taking part in her CD “Vambora lá dançar”, and still together with her, he toured nationally and internationally; also toured at jazz festivals in Europe with Gilberto Gil, Israel and Uruguay, and participated in the launch of his new album called “Gilbertos Samba”. He also participated in the CD by Jair Rodrigues, "Samba Mesmo Vol. 2". Currently he is part of the Ivete Sangalo’s band. In 2014, he released the first solo album titled “Opinião”, which counts with the Gilberto Gil’s participation in the track “Superar” that was authored by Mestrinho himself. In 2017, recorded his second CD “É tempo pra viver”, with Ivete Sangalo’s participation.


Michael Pipoquinha is 21 years old and was born in Limoeiro do Norte, Ceará.

His first contact with music was through his father, also a bass player. Shortly thereafter he passed the Conservatorio Alberto Nepomuceno, where he took practical piano, perception and choral lessons.

At the age of eleven he began his career as a professional musician, playing in churches and dances in the region. With an outstanding talent and only 13 years old, he performed in the Domingão do Faustão program and surprised viewers and musicians all over Brazil. After this appearance and believing in the ability and great talent, he moved to São Paulo with his family and in the same year released his first album, Cearensinho, produced by Arthur Maia, and from that, became a stamped presence in major festivals of Instrumental Music by country.

The following year, 2012, it was presented by Latin American countries with BR Trio.

Due to his high performance at the Rio das Ostras festival, he was fortunate to meet two great idols on the instrument, Victor Wooten and Stanley Clarke, who recognized him as a revelation and great talent of Brazilian music, with quotes in interviews on American TV and Bass Player Magazine.

He participated as main attraction in the Gospel Jazz Festival in Colombia promoted by the magazine Guitar Player.

In 2015 he was invited to participate in the We`ve got a Talent program, featuring themes from the album "Cearencinho", alongside the renowned Big Band WDR in Germany, and had the opportunity to meet Jacob Collier and play together on the same show.

He performed with Richard Bonna in São Paulo. In 2016, back in Europe, he performed at Rigas Ritmi Festival in Latvia, also doing workshops in the region. He also performed with singer Denise Macedo at the Araburg Soiree in Austria. The big surprise of this tour was the encounter with Romero Lubambo, where they met and played together.

In 2017 he returned to Europe for presentations in Sweden. Still in 2017, he formed "Seu Domingos Trio" as a homage to Dominguinhos, along with accordionist Mestrinho and drummer Alex Buck, in order to strengthen forró-jazz. That same year they embarked for Grahamstown - South Africa, for shows and workshops.

Michael Pipoquinha has just released his second album entitled LUA, a tribute to Maria Lua,

his daughter, the album was directed by Michael Pipoquinha himself and produced by Sandro Haick, with authorial themes and partnerships, with the more special participation of Yamandu Costa and Toninho Horta, who composed a beautiful song especially for the album.

With just 21 years of age and a vast vocabulary of compositions and many themes in the baggage, Pipoquinha is willing to continue the work that will fit, bringing the Brazilian Instrumental Music to the world.

Mestrinho & Michael Pipoquinha

© 2017 por Paulo Tafarello

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